Finding and Closing Your Ideal Client

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong clients .... | taught by Roelf Woldring

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Every small and medium size business owner faces the same dilemma - find the clients that bring in the revenue needed to survive today while finding the clients that help the business grow for the long term. Research and experience indicates that firms think through the nature of their ideal clients, shape their marketing efforts in a way that allows them to do both. Firm that only pursue revenue do not grow nearly as well over the long term.

Discover what makes an ideal client. Translate that understanding into specific marketing actions that helps you earn money today while building the long term prosperity of your business.

Roelf Woldring
Roelf Woldring
Discreet organizational investigations & interventions | Ex CIO-CEO | Soft skill development for working professionals

"Be the Best Team Player and Manager of Others That You Can Be"

I have been fascinated by how people behave at work since the day I started working, decades ago.

I have been a CEO / a CIO / a CTO and many other things before that. 

My post graduate training is in the psychology of the workplace and adult development. 

My business career has spanned information technology, organizational change / transformation, and e-learning. 

Today I lead discrete workplace investigations focused on Harassment / Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Inappropriate Personal Relationships which lead to Conflicts of Interest, and Misuse of Organizational Assets - Fraud. 

I create e-learning programs for working professionals and organizations. 

I deliver soft skill training workshops for organizations. 

Find out more at my business web-site: 

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Roelf Woldring


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Finding and Closing Your Ideal Client
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