Myths about Talent In Innovative Organizations

People are amazing, but we often take this for granted. | taught by Roelf Woldring
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Managers think they know about people at work. But they don't. Instead, many continue to recruit and performance manage people based on a series of myths that just don't hold water. But it is possible to get beyond this. Just work through this course ...

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Roelf Woldring
Roelf Woldring
Discreet organizational investigations & interventions | Ex CIO-CEO | Soft skill development for working professionals

"Be the Best Team Player and Manager of Others That You Can Be"

I have been fascinated by how people behave at work since the day I started working, decades ago.

I have been a CEO / a CIO / a CTO and many other things before that. 

My post graduate training is in the psychology of the workplace and adult development. 

My business career has spanned information technology, organizational change / transformation, and e-learning. 

Today I lead discrete workplace investigations focused on Harassment / Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Inappropriate Personal Relationships which lead to Conflicts of Interest, and Misuse of Organizational Assets - Fraud. 

I create e-learning programs for working professionals and organizations. 

I deliver soft skill training workshops for organizations. 

Find out more at my business web-site: 

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Roelf Woldring